Navigation -Tips for Use

The website has been optimised for desktop/large screen use so as to best display the images, and this is recommended, although it should also work on mobiles and tablets with some limitations. When clicking images on a mobile it is necessary to click the image itself and avoid any text .

The “Gallery” Tab is the main repository of images and is the best place to start, it shows the best image I have taken for each astronomical object to date.

Clicking an image in the gallery will, in time, open up a page containing all of the images I have taken for that object, showing a chronological history, along with equipment details and integration time. Some pages will also have a link to full resolution versions of my better images. It will take some time to create all of these pages so for now only images with an * after the name in the gallery will open up the more detailed page – so worth looking out for these.

Most images on the site can be clicked for a larger view.

Please email me with any issues and I will endeavour to make corrections.